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  • Working Capital Control

Working Capital Control

In most cases business success depends on the effective management of the key components of working capital including:

Debtors' Overview

The management of debtors is a big problem for many small business operators.  This article comments on the following:

  • Debt Recovery Is An Ongoing Task
    • New Customer Application Form
    • Welcome To New Customer Letter
    • Debtors’ System
    • Debt Recovery Process
  • Reduction In Debtors’ Days Outstanding

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Debtor Collections

Businesses need to introduce effective debtors' collection systems to keep "debtors' days outstanding" to a reasonable level.  Online Debt Management is a proven management tool to assist in effective debtors' management.

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SME Debtors' Manual

We have prepared a template of a SME Debtors' Manual to assist a small/medium enterprise to effectively manage this very important asset category  Sundry Debtors.  The manual includes suggested procedures, forms and addendums as follows:

  • Introduction to Effective Debtors' Management
  • Debtors' Management System Checklist
  • Setting Up An Effective Debtors' Management System
  • Being Diligent On Transactions
  • Proactive Monitoring Of Debtors
  • Debtors' Management
  • Monthly Debtors' Timetable
  • Debtors' System Staff Training
  • Debt Recovery Letters
  • Cashflow Management Hints
  • Debtors' Discounting and Factoring
  • Debtor Insurance
  • Debtors' System Review by your Accountant

together with a total of 23 Addendums and Forms.

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There are key components to consider when examining stock within a small/medium enterprise business.  This article covers these key components and comments on the following:

  • Stockturn Is Important
  • Gross Profit Percentage – A Good Indicator

The management of stock is an ongoing concern for business managers who have an investment of stock within their business.

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