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  • Starting a Business

Starting a Business

You need to establish firm foundations for a successful business, incorporating procedures for:


Human Resources

Business operators have to be aware of a wide range of human resource issues relative to business operations, including:

  • Harassment And Bullying
  • Are You An Employer Of Choice?
  • Team Meetings Will Help Keep Your Staff Interested
  • Do You Recruit Great Team Members?

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DISC Profiling

DISC profiling provides information to assist in the understanding of other people and how to communicate with them.

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Marketing Insights

Marketing is a very important area for all business operators, both large and small.

This article explores a number of different aspects of marketing, including:

  • Do You Know Your Competitive Edge?
  • Ask “How” Questions
  • Suggest Alternative Uses – for customers
  • Past Customer Event
  • Free Upgrade – can be a great enticement for more sales
  • Keep On Marketing – marketing is an ongoing process
  • Disciplined Approach To Marketing

We believe that this overview on marketing will assist you in the operations of your business.

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Marketing Hints and Aids

There are many marketing activities in which a business can engage.

This article gives an introduction to some of the marketing activities, including:

  • Promotional Gifts
  • Send Articles To Your Customers
  • Point of Sale Promotions

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Sales Overview

Selling is obviously every important for every type of business operations.

This article looks at a number of components of selling, including:

  • Achieving High Performance Selling
  • Professional Selling Skills Are Important – including the key approaches such as:
    • Attention
    • Interest
    • Conviction
    • Desire
    • Close

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This article looks at a number of different issues, including:

  • What Rating Would Your Customers Give You?
  • Lifetime Value Of A Customer
  • “Phantom” Customer
  • Do You Offer Legendary Customer Service?

It’s difficult to imagine any business without customers, yet many business operators don’t appear to give customers enough attention.

This article will assist you in developing a first-class strategy for your customers.

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Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and is part of the process of accounting in business.  Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual person or an organisation.Bookkeeping is essential to effectively and proactively run any business. 

It is the engine room of every business, generating cashflow and identifying expenses so the business can operate to its optimum efficiency.  Good bookkeeping is the foundation on which every great and profitable business is built.

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