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  • Risk Management

Risk Management

Management needs to closely monitor a wide range of potential risk areas which could directly affect the future of the business. These areas include:

Insurance Overview

Insuring the business’ assets, whether it’s physical property, humans or protection against claims, is an important process within a business.  The article looks at the following:

  • Insurance Review Of Your Key Asset – Humans
  • Insurance Reviews – as part of a due diligence approach for a business

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Risks Overview

Every business has potential risks that can affect the day-to-day operations, indeed, the very existence of the business. This article explores the following:

  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Have You Developed Risk Management Strategies? – which looks at the following risks:
    • Commercial
    • Compliance/Legal
    • Environmental
    • External
    • Financial
    • Fixed Asset
    • Staff Disputes
    • Operational
    • Organisational
    • Reputation
    • Research/Intellectual Property
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Stakeholder
    • Technology
    • Corporate Governance

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Personal Property Securities Register

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a potential “time bomb” for many people in businesses.  It doesn’t seem right that a business that paid for an asset or borrowed money to purchase an asset and still owes money for that asset can still lose that asset if a registration has not been lodged with the government agency. That’s the case with this legislation. This article includes comments on the following:

  • Personal Property Securities Register – A “Potential Time Bomb”
  • Romalpa Clauses Don’t Work Anymore
  • Do You Have A PPSR System?

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PPSR Legal Issues

A Look At The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) And Its Register For Business

This article discusses:

  • The PPSA is arguably the biggest impact on businesses in decades
  • What are some risks to business?
  • Some things businesses can do

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  Why You Must Protect Your Property Assets Now

This article discusses:

  • real estate
  • intellectual property
  • personal property
  • Personal Property Securities Act

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