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  • Managing a Business

Managing a Business

Business operators need to use systems to effectively manage their businesses.     

The articles in this section should assist in the overall management of a business, including:

Business Survival
Business Success
Legal Overview
Lean Management
Improve Business Performance
Opportunities Are Everywhere

Business Survival

There are many issues relating to business survival.

This article comments on the following:

  • Steering Through A Difficult Period
  • Personal Property Securities Register – is another major problem area for most business operators.  The government introduced this legislation presumably to help some business operators, however, it’s a major problem to businesses who are either unaware of it or ignore its consequences.
  • Small Gains Are Important
  • Rejuvenating A Business – which covers the following strategies:
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Analyse debtors, stock and work in progress
    • Analyse creditors
    • Expense analysis
    • Strategise
    • Determine the business’ health
    • Benchmarking
    • Departmentalised financial accounts
    • Customers
    • Marketing
    • Team training
    • Management training
    • Risk management
    • Location
    • Exporters/Importers
    • Government assistance for exporters
    • Government assistance

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Business Success

This article considers the following:

  • Is Luck Important?
  • Managing Changes

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Legal Overview

The items discussed in “Legal Overview” include:

  • Do You Have A Will?
  • Do I Need A Power Of Attorney?  The article discusses the general power of attorneys and enduring power of attorneys.
  • An Annual Legal Check Up Can Help – with the operations of your business.
  • Consumer Law – Retailers – talks about issues that affect retailers.
  • No Refunds – also a very important consideration for retailers and the article includes various aspects of a “No Refunds” sign.

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Lean Management    

This article introduces the 5 “S” system, which assists creating and organising the workplace for a business.

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Improve Business Performance

This article was developed by John Tsoulos, Managing Director of Global Business Camps.

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Opportunities Are Everywhere

This article, developed by John Tsoulos of Global Business Camps, highlights the 5 reasons why businesses fail.

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