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Posted: 16 June 2016

A Business Evaluation Review Can Assist You

Issue 0047

Do you know that accountants/advisers have been identified by small/medium enterprises as being your “trusted adviser”? This is a recognition of accountants/advisers supplying a wider range of professional services other than taxation.

Taxation doesn’t help you add value to your business, however some of the other non-compliance areas that accountants/advisers have been trained to offer can assist you to build real value in your business.

ESS Small Business develops a range of products for small/medium enterprises to use. We offer webinars, videos and interviews with people who can assist small/medium enterprises and small/medium enterprise operators themselves.

We’ve also developed tools to assist accountants/advisers to be able to deliver this range of non-compliance services to you as a small/medium enterprise operator.

A Business Evaluation Review Can Assist You

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