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SendOutCards is an online greeting card and gift system that lets you send birthday, anniversary or thank you cards without the hassle of pen, paper, stamps, envelopes and mailboxes.  Sending a card has never been so easy!

With just the click of a button, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your message and click send.  We print, stuff, stamp and mail the physical card for you.

Why SendOutCards?

It's Convenient

There is no need to drive to the store, wait in lines, look for addresses and then drive to the post office for a stamp. With our convenient system you can send a card from your mobile device in less than a minute!

You Won't Forget

Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions in our easy-to-use contact management system. We keep your addresses securely stored and even send you reminders when it’s time to send a card.

You'll Save Money

We print, stuff, stamp and mail your personalised greeting cards to any address in the world, all for less than the average price of a greeting card at the store. Plus, our gift selection is icing on the cake as it allows you to go the extra mile with a thoughtful touch.

George McIntosh - SendOutCards Distributor

If you would like to get started with sending cards, or if you would like more information, please send us an email on .  Please advise us that you heard from us from ESS Small Business.


ESS Small Business, together with SendOutCards, presented a webinar, featuring "Sending Cards - a Great Marketing Tool".  Click here to watch the webinar recording.