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Milne Alexander - Insurance Broker

Milne Alexander is a leading insurance broker in Sydney, over 2 offices nationally.  Their very first client was a business founded in 1966, joined Milne Alexander in 1973 and, through generations, is still a client today.

Milne Alexander are dynamic and forward thinking insurance brokers and, being an intermediary they understand what it means to bring people together – they build meaningful relationships with their customers, insurers and their people.  It’s known that 57% of businesses say the reason they use a broker is because it saves them time so they can focus on their business and that most businesses appreciate added value services, such as in-depth analysis and business risk review.

Milne Alexander’s people work for businesses using their expert knowledge and experience to help properly assess insurance needs, shop for the best coverage and ensure claims are resolved faster.  They also ensure their clients understand the benefits, exclusions and complexities of insurance policies and the competitive advantages of each insurer by both cover and price.  Working closely with businesses of all sizes – ranging from sole traders through to large corporations – whether they employ 10 people or 1,000, from manufacturing to professional services, they have insurance professionals who work with businesses from all walks of life.

Give us a call on 02 9279 4399 or visit our website -  Please advise that you found out about Milne Alexander from ESS Small Business.

Referral Fee:

ESS Small Business may receive an Introduction Fee from Milne Alexander if you appoint Milne Alexander as your insurance broker.

Insurance for SMEs - Webinar

ESS Small Business, together with Milne Alexander, presented a webinar on insurance for SMEs.  Click here to watch the recording.