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Your Law Firm - An Overview


Matthew Karakoulakis, Principal Solicitor of AMK Law, says:

"We deliver what we promise. Because we care."


AMK Law is quickly growing as a leading law firm because we are known for being outstanding as well as truly caring for your legal needs.

We achieve successes for our clients in Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Commercial and Property laws through our cutting edge professionalism, efficiency and our business acumen. AMK Law’s success has been driven by the energetic vision of the partnership and its commitment to building strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

AMK Law’s purpose is to deliver those superior legal services with our focus on quality whilst keeping costs low for you, as a client, at our law firm. Our Lawyers work with some of the most brilliant barristers in Australia ensuring the best work is done for you every time.

Our clients get the advice so as to be used most favourably as well as being specifically tailored to your own legal needs. AMK Law delivers that high level legal service which is underpinned by the very best legal thinking and expert industry knowledge because our lawyers value true client relationships on the deepest professional levels.

We bring our commitment to excellence and quick thinking and we stand up for our clients' legal rights. We are especially prepared to fight with full vigour when it is needed in order to serve you by way of fairness and those levels of justice required for our clients.

AMK Law believes strongly in cultural diversity and inclusion as a critical issue since our lawyers focus on connecting with the community in which we live and work. We value differences in value perspectives because our firm’s Principal Solicitor has Aboriginal family members from Kadina, in South Australia as well as a Greek father.

AMK Law is a referred member of the Law Institute of Victoria and can operate across all Australian States and Territories through our national legal network.

For further information, please contact Matthew Karakoulakis, Principal Solicitor, AMK Law:

Phone: 0410 910 630


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About Matthew Karakoulakis

matthewk   Matthew Karakoulakis is the Principal Solicitor at AMK Law.  He has an excellent reputation for delivering cutting edge legal advice in Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Commercial and Property law matters.  Matthew has experience working with clients ranging from small to medium businesses and investors through the largest Australian corporations.  He values cultural differences and ethnicities because he is Aboriginal and has a Greek father.



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