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Robert Foster - Accredited Mortgage Consultant

My name is Robert Foster and I've been a motivated and successful Mortgage Broker since 2008.  I'm a fully accredited Mortgage Consultant with Homeloans Ltd.

I have access to over 45 lenders, both in the residential and commercial space.

Special Offer

As a special deal for you, I’ll waive my usual $550 credit assistance fee which I charge for residential loans and, also the same value for commercial loans which makes it ½ price (normally $1,100) for business deals.

Low doc loans are still available.  All that's needed is 1 or 2 of the following:

  • Accountants Declaration, BAS statements or trading statements.
  • Even no doc loans for short-term, up to 3 years, for commercial or business use.
  • If you have an owner occupied property and need access to equity for business, up to 100% of the value of the property with a loan size under $1M can be used with just 1 BAS.  50% of the loan needs to be for commercial and business use.
  • It’s important to know where you are now but also where do you want to be in the future.  By asking as many questions as I can, I will then be able to suggest a solution.  I believe almost anything is possible – if you ask the right person.

I strive to make the process of obtaining a loan completely smooth and hassle free.  I’ll help YOU choose a loan to suit your situation, keep you informed throughout the process and stay in touch thereafter, to ensure everything is working out.  Commercial clients, SMSF clients, business owners, first home buyers, experienced investors and everyone in between – I’m there for you.

Do you currently have a business loan?  Are you paying too much???  Do you just want a second opinion?

I can access various lenders, with some even at residential rates for business purposes.

Currently, rates start from 4.19%, depending on your situation.  Homeloans Ltd's rates start from 4.16%!!!

Services Available

What are you looking for?

Business Loans      Debt Consolidation
Commercial Loans   Investment Loans
Lease Doc Loans   Home Equity Loans
Self Employed   Share Loans
Debtor and Equipment Finance   Bridging Loans
Short Term Loans (secure and unsecure)   Credit Impaired or Bankrupt
Development Loans   SMSF Loans
Truck Loans   Personal Loans
Shared Equity   Car Loans

Then I'm the person you need to talk to.

I can also help with:

  • Risk management - personal and general insurance
  • Wealth creation strategies – sourcing investment properties from some of Australia’s leading property research and investment firms, specialising in high growth and superior quality residential property for investors
  • Buying investment property for SMSF funds
  • Building an Investment Property Portfolio that allows you to buy property when the opportunity arises

I specialise in saving clients' money and, if you're on a good loan or it's not economical to change, then I will help you.

Contact Details

If you or someone you know needs help, please don't hesitate to call and arrange an appointment at a time and place that's convenient to you.

If I can't find a solution, I will put you onto someone that will - if it is at all possible.  The impossible just takes a little bit longer.

Help is only a phone call away.  Contact me on 0420 422 636 or send me an email at .


4.19%1 Variable Rate

How much EXTRA are you paying???

Home loan rates are at an all-time low!

Rates start from 4.19%1.  Call now to compare your loan with a free comparison...

A 0.5% per annum reduction in your interest rate saves you $1,500 a year on a $300,000 home loan or $45,000 over a 30-year loan term.

Special, limited time offer:

  • No Credit Assistance Fee2, saving you $550 per loan
  • No Legal Fees2, saving you up to $350
  • $1,500 incentive to bring owner occupied loan
  • Up to 85% no LMI owner occupied loan

Call or enquire today for an obligation free home loan check-up to see how much you can save!!!

As a dedicated mortgage expert, I can provide access to a wide range of loan options, with rates starting from 4.19%pa (comparison rate 4.23%pa)3.

Call me today on 0420 422 636 or send me an email at .



Click here to watch the recording of the webinar, "Loans for SMEs", free of charge.


1 Principal and interest repayments only; owner occupied only

2 Subject to meeting applicable lender's criteria

3 Subject to applicable lender's criteria