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Cheap Vehicle Finance – Guaranteed

AutoMates have access to a large panel of major Australian lenders, who are all competing for your business.

Our finance experts will match you to the best lender, finance product and interest rate for your personal situation.  We are not owned by a financier or bank, our service is completely unbiased and aimed at getting you the best outcome possible.


Every day, people make costly errors by choosing the wrong finance product and structure for their particular needs.

For example, the right product for an individual buying a vehicle for private use would be completely different to the right product for a company or sole trader buying a vehicle for business use.

We ensure our clients have the correct product and structure, taking into account finance costs, GST implications and tax implications, amongst other things.

Recommending The Right Product And Structure

People can spend hours shopping around for the cheapest "rate" hoping to save $10 or $20 per month, only to choose a completely inappropriate product or structure, costing them hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost tax savings or additional fees and charges.

We have access to a large panel of lenders and products, so our finance experts are able to offer expert, unbiased products and information, whether you're after a Personal Loan, Lease, Chattel Mortgage or Commercial Hire Purchase, we cater for all vehicle finance scenarios.]

Fast, Easy Approval

Once your finance is approved, you can sit back and relax while we organise the car and finance paperwork on your behalf.  Our focus is to get you into your new car as soon as possible, once you've decided to proceed.

For A Quote

For best quotation, please contact Bud Verheijen from AutoMates on 0414 654 164 or send him an email at .  Please advise Bud that you’ve found out about AutoMates from ESS Small Business.

Vehicle Financing for SMEs - Webinar

ESS Small Business presented a webinar, with Bud Verheijen of AutoMates as the guest presenter, featuring "Vehicle Financing for SMEs".  Click here to watch the recording.