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Clinch Long Letherbarrow Lawyers

Clinch Long Letherbarrow, based in Sydney NSW, has a dedicated and talented team of legal practitioners who will work with you, offering you legal advice, with the benefit of their specific practice area expertise and business sector experience, to manage and solve your current issue efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.

Their integrated approach goes well beyond simply addressing a current issue you’ve asked them to resolve.  Their client focus allows you to address all of your commercial and legal requirements – whether they’re apparent now or not.

By putting in place proactive and preventative legal measures, you will avoid the pitfalls of the modern legal and compliance environment.  By identifying and understanding the legal trends, you can embrace opportunities and plan for the future.  Such measures will facilitate the successful management of any legal issues when and if they arise.

Areas of Expertise

Clinch Long Letherbarrow Lawyers specialises in the following:

Business & Corporate Law

Having commercially savvy business lawyers on your side, with years of experience in advising a wide range of businesses in relevant law, is what every business needs.

Business and corporate law covers all the various laws affecting the establishment and operation of your business. This includes corporations, partnerships, tax law, competition and consumer law, property and employment law which impact all business.

We can work with you and your accountant to get the structure right to optimise operation and control of your business, seize every opportunity, manage risk and to put in place the most tax effective structure while you are running the business and, when you want to exit.

Commercial Litigation & Disputes

With expertise and resources to manage all types of civil and commercial litigation cases, we are able to assist all clients regardless of their issues.

Employment Law

Employers and employees alike can access experienced employment lawyers who have expertise in all aspects of Employment Law. We can explain and interpret the law to help eliminate or minimise complications for you.

Family & De Facto Law

Our Divorce & Family Lawyers are highly experienced in helping people navigate the often-painful area of relationship breakdown and divorce. We are sensitive to your needs and do all we can to expedite a practical solution that takes good care of the interests of you and your children.

Property Law & Conveyancing

Our property lawyers and conveyancers are ready to provide you with expert service in all facets of property law & conveyancing. From the buying and selling of property through to property leasing, strata management and property development related issues, our decades of experience will shine through every time.

Taxation & Superannuation Law

Managing the complex areas of tax and superannuation law should be left to the experts. Our tax and superannuation lawyers combine skill and experience in commercial advice with a solid understanding of Tax and Superannuation Law.

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Planning ahead and ensuring that the people you care about are protected financially in the future is one of the most important things you can do.  You need a professional Wills & Estate Planning team with broad experience of putting estate plans into place and giving effect to them when the time comes.

Our Wills & Estate Planning lawyers help to ensure that your estate is distributed as you intend through carefully thought out estate planning. We can also help you to protect your financial assets in the event of future claims arising from bankruptcy, family law claims and more.

Specialist Industry Expertise

Over the years, we have acquired significant specialist expertise in a number of industries. Knowing the legal ins and outs of specific sectors allows us to understand better and help plan risk management strategies for the future, as well as manage day to day legal requirements.

Contact Clinch Long Letherbarrow Lawyers

For more details about Clinch Long Leatherbarrow Lawyers or to speak to one of their experts, please contact them on 02 9279 4888 or send an email at .

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