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We offer our clients the opportunity to maximise their internet presence through Google Visibility campaigns (SEO and PPC) and leveraging our online expertise in a range of other areas.  We also publish our own sites to promote the interests of our advertising partners.

Our core expertise includes:

  • Search Engine Optimisation in Brisbane, Australia and worldwide
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Facebook marketing
  • Maximising online marketing campaign conversations

Our website design service blends all our core expertise to produce high quality, Google-friendly, conversion-focused websites that produce new leads, new customers and new sales for the clients that we work with in all niches and industries.

Our unique positioning in the marketplace focuses purely on RESULTS FOR OUR CLIENTS, leveraging a fundamental understanding of business that only experience of having run 3 successful businesses can bring, alongside a deep understanding of the fundamental path to success for businesses online.

Results Focused Marketing Brainstorm

Online Marketing Consultants uses the 3-step marketing brainstorm process, comprising:

  • Step 1 – an initial call to understand your business and how it serves its market.
  • Step 2 – researching your marketplace and preparing a questionnaire.
  • Step 3 – once the questionnaire is returned, a mutually convenient call is organised to “brainstorm” the details of the action plan.

This process takes approximately a week to 10 days to complete.

An action plan is then constructed in detail and typically goes live within 1-4 weeks depending on its complexity.

Once the campaign goes live, we focus on managing and optimising it as data pours in.

Contact Online Marketing Consultants

To find out more or to sign up for their program, contact Online Marketing Consultants on 07 3103 2719 or send an email to .

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About David Twigg

David Twigg is the Managing Director of Online Marketing Consultants, which was founded in 2009.

David spent his life focused on marketing, having previously grown and sold 2 businesses, built mainly on his own marketing instincts.

In 2001, he sold Oadby Photographics, which had become a go-to provider of photographic services from commercial to high street in the UK.

In 2006, he sold The Cove Noosa, an exclusive holiday resort in Noosa.  The Cove Noosa’s success (it was known at the time of sale to be the highest yielding resort in Noosa) was down to the adoption and effective leverage of a range of online marketing tactics which allowed a relatively modest advertising budget ($30,000 per annum vs BreakFree’s millions of dollars) to punch above its weight.  The high end competition in Noosa regularly complained about how low vacancy rates where when The Cove was constantly full at higher rates than its peers.

This experience at the cutting edge of the marketing world propelled David to focus on helping other businesses establish themselves online and grow their bottom line.

David and his team have developed processes and systems that work.  Combining copywriting talent with design and, most importantly, marketing savvy with conversion focus…achieving great results for clients is what the team thrive on and drives them forward to keep raising the benchmark of excellence.

Contact David Twigg and his team today on 07 3103 2719 or email .  Please advise David that you found out about them from ESS Small Business.