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SPECIAL WEBINAR - Six Steps to Maximise your Productivity and Profit

Do you lie awake at night worrying about your business?

Do you feel your business is dragging you down and you don’t know what to do next?

You’re not alone!

Many people get into business and soon discover that their dream of being their own boss can quickly turn into a nightmare! There’s so much to do, to know, to learn and, if you don’t get your business on the right track, you could easily lose your passion, your money, your health and your relationships!

If you’re a seasoned business owner over 50, it can be even more stressful as you can feel that you’re running out of options and time to make changes.

Lorraine Pirihi is a business mentor, life coach and productivity specialist. Lorraine has loads of simple tips, tools and strategies that can help accelerate your progress.

Prior to creating “Relaunch Your Life”, Lorraine had been in business for 13 years and created a simple six-step system based on her experience and what worked for her clients, to help them double and, in some cases, triple their productivity and profits. It was the same system Lorraine has used to successfully establish “Relaunch Your Life”.

Lorraine sees entrepreneurs on a regular basis who, because of their lack of organisation, business experience and focus, either burn-out or return back to employment. Even the world of employment and finding a suitable role can be disastrous for the over 50s.

Then there are many other small business owners who somehow stay in business and needlessly work way too hard because they really don’t have a clue on how to do things any better. As a result, their health, family and relationships suffer!

Lorraine will be presenting a special webinar, free of charge, called “Six Steps to Maximise your Productivity and Profits”, with Peter Towers, Managing Director of ESS BIZTOOLS Pty Ltd.

There’s no “fluff”, no hype and all ACTION!

The content is so simple and this webinar will show you the steps to accelerate your business success by following Lorraine’s system without working any harder!

This webinar will be held on Wednesday 5th October 2016 at:

This is for you if you:

  • Find you’re always chasing your tail and don’t get things done
  • Feel like your business is swallowing up your time and your family barely get to see you
  • You get distracted easily and you’re unsure how to organise your day
  • Lack simple systems to manage your marketing
  • Want to get on top of the paperwork, email and the multitude of other tasks you feel you should be doing and never get around to
  • Want to boost your income without working any harder

In this webinar, you will walk away with:

  • How to free up your time for what matters most
  • How to get the right team in place
  • How to stay on track with efficient systems that will save you time and make you more money
  • Much more

Peter Towers and Lorraine Pirihi look forward to presenting this webinar to you.


This webinar features the following presenters:

Peter Towers   Lorraine Pirihi
Managing Director   Director
ESS BIZTOOLS Pty Ltd   Relaunch Your Life


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Wednesday 19th October 2016 - 11am AEST (12pm AEDT)



Peter Towers - Managing Director

Managing Director of Enterprise Support Systems Pty Ltd and creator of ESS BIZTOOLS, Peter Towers, has had a career that includes twenty-three years as a Principal of a Public Practice in Townsville and ten years in Commerce, six years of which was as Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary of a Listed Public Company on the Australian Stock Exchange. 


  • Accountant
  • Management Consultant
  • Company Director
  • Government Grant Business Adviser

Direct involvement as Accountant, Shareholder and/or Director in a wide range of industries.  Peter has had extensive consulting experience.  He is currently the Principal of Towers Business Development - a specialist Business Development Consultancy offering the following services:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Professional Practice Development
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Plans
  • Budgets
  • Cashflow Forecasts
  • Diagnostic Reviews
  • Business Networks
  • Getting "Investment Ready"
  • Business Training
  • Seminars on Business
  • Mentoring
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Director and Management Training
  • Corporate Governance Review
  • Business Development
  • Research and Development Plans
  • Research and Development Claims
  • Export Market Development Grant Applications
  • Commercial Ready Applications  

Peter McDougall - The Leadership Academy

Author of the Leadership material, Peter McDougall has extensive leadership experience in military, business and community organisations. His military career spanned three decades serving in Australia and overseas in the ranks of Corporal to Colonel. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 1989 Australia Day Honours List for outstanding service to the Army.

Combining his own experience with extensive research into Leadership and Teamwork, Peter developed programs and methods that became the genesis of those employed in subsequent commercial programs in Australia and Indonesia. With modification and updating they form the basis of the programs used by The Leadership Academy today.

Peter has also presented two-day leadership development programs in Thailand and Vietnam and is a member of Legacy and has also been involved with community organisations such as the Good Shepherd Nursing Home, Crimestoppers and the Masters Games.

Click here if you’d like to contact Peter McDougall...

Meet the Team

Jenny Nye - Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Jenny is the Executive Assistant to Peter Towers, Managing Director of Enterprise Support Systems Pty Ltd, the developers of ESS BIZTOOLS.

Jenny has over 35 years experience in administration in accountancy practices in Townsville, North Queensland, wherein she has gained considerable experience in the operations and overall requirements in the running of a professional practice.

Lyn McNaught - Accounts Manager

Lyn joined ESS BIZTOOLS in early 2009 as the Accounts Manager.

Lyn brings wide practical experience to the team, having worked for many years in banking and for various small businesses.  Her extensive experience in bookkeeping and administration supports the professional staff at ESS BIZTOOLS.  

Tracy Raiteri - IT Consultant / Online Marketing

Tracy is our online presence and marketing consultant and is responsible for the development and the maintenance of the ESS Small Business website as well as managing the blog and social media profiles.  Tracy has 5 years experience as an online marketing consultant and 20 years experience in a range of industries including Legal, Local Government, Real Estate, Insurance and Accountancy.

Marlyn Vause - Administration/Marketing Assistant

Marlyn is the Administration/Marketing Assistant of ESS BIZTOOLS and assists with all areas of running the office.  Marlyn has over 10 years experience in administration in a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, hospitality and health services and can adapt to any organisation's custom-made computerised system.

Evelyn Sorohan - Administration

Evelyn assists with adminiatration duties with 20 years experience in the legal industry.

Lorraine Stewart - Sales Consultant

Lorraine has a broad area of expertise ranging from Banking being the 1st Female Teller.  Re-entering the work force in the field of Bookkeeping & Wages for a network of Pharmacies and  successfully moving into the Sales & Marketing in the Fitness industry, with this experience decided to expand into the Training side to improve the bottom line of many types of businesses in Queensland, NSW & Victoria.  Moved to Cairns to assist small to medium SME’s as a life style change.  

Jeffrey Pringle - Taxation Consultant/Writer

Jeff has been a Chartered Accountant since 2005.  He also has a Masters of Taxation from the University of New South Wales.  He has previously taught the Taxation and Management Accounting Modules for the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Australia.

Jeff is based in a mid-sized accounting firm in Townsville.

He writes the taxation papers in ESS BIZTOOLS and the taxation articles included in the Business Plus+ newsletter.

ESS Small Business has been developed by Enterprise Support Systems Pty Ltd. For further information on  ESS Small Business click on About ESS Small Business.


About ESS Small Business

What is ESS Small Business?  ESS Small Business is a time saving web-based library of systems, procedures and templates for small/medium sized businesses. 

Developed from the expert knowledge of long-time accountant, business adviser, director and government grant expert, Peter Towers, this exciting web-accessible product provides you with a wide range of pre-prepared and continually updated material for your small/medium sized business. 

Peter Towers compiled these systems due to "the lack of information available to business owners to enable them to better manage their business".  Now he has ensured that you do not need to reinvent the wheel. 

For further information click About the Developers.

Business Related Matters

ESS Small Business comprises templates and procedures relating to a wide range of business related matters.  The documents are directly targeted at small/medium sized enterprise operators and their staff.  The notes have been written with the direct target audience (small/medium sized enterprises, operators and their staff) in mind.  ESS Small Business has not been written as a text book, but rather as systems and procedures that can be used and implimented in business management.

Prepared by Experienced Accountants/Business Persons

ESS Small Business enables owners and managers to the systems and procedures that have been prepared by experienced practitioner accountants/business persons (with experience in the "real business world").

Help & Support

Help & Support

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